This is about the things that pop in my head that could maybe be a FB post, but with the limit of 140 characters, would be lacking in the detail with which I initially thought them.  I was raised in a crazy religious house, so sometimes religion seeps into my narrative; so that is potentially awesome.  I only have one wife, Whitney.  She is super cool and will, no doubt, be a subject of many a thought; PS.  She is a certified genuis, which will also be a subject of many of my blogs.  Sisters have I three, so I have a keen insight into the plight of women and will exploit this at every possible moment.

  1. It must be hard being married to a genius. Perhaps you and my hubby can commiserate.

    Yeah, not really.

  2. Hiya Heath,

    Just so you know, there is a zombie award awaiting you over on my blog…

  3. hemadamani says:

    Hi heath! loved your blog. the few posts I read… madness , but they made me laugh. And I’ve been trying to convince my husband that he is married to a genius for the past 22 years.. 🙂

    • haphillips says:

      I really appreciate it! It always feels good to hear that it is liked. I am following you now as well and look forward to us becoming blogging celebrities together.

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