My First Writing Award Ever

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Opinion and things I hate, Pregnant Wife Stories

Lisa’s Rant saved me at the exact time I needed it most. I was just getting ready to write a blog that everyone would have hated, but now I get to do this one instead. What Lisa did in recommending me was probably not what she intended. I sit here writing with two things I have never received for or from writing. 1). A tremendously inflated ego, which I have taken out unabashedly on every person with whom I work and will continue to do so for the next forever. And 2). An Award.
I have been somewhat dishonest in my intentions as a blogger, but since it already happened, I can come out and just let all of you know. So, here goes:
I have only been writing to attain fame, fortune, and everything that goes with it. Does it feel different to be famous? I would say beyond a general feeling of being way more important than just an average citizen, no. I am the same man I was two hours ago before I got the email from Lisa telling me of my new found importance, except I have already fallen into a world of addiction and terrible excess. However, all is not chaos; there are rules to being a famous blogger, at least at the beginning. The rules are as follows:

  • § Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
    § Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award.
    § Copy and paste the award onto your blog.
    § Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
    § Let them know they have been chosen by leaving them a comment

I started reading Lisa’s Rant and writing blogs the same day. I wanted to follow people who were funny so I could steal their material, and Lisa is the first person I followed.  I have read every blog she has written and wait anxiously for her next. I guess what I am saying is all of you should read it and follow it, but most importantly, I am saying “Thank you Lisa, you are a stellar individual.” I am telling you that she could easily make it in the stand-up world just talking about vaginas / men / and child raising. Reading her blog has often times left me feeling inadequate, because she is that good. I have shared her words with my wife and we have both come to agree that Lisa is pretty much a badass. So, click here to get there and get ready for big changes coming your way.
The five people you need to know:

Love & Lunchmeat:  I just started following her and her site is for real.  Love it!  Anybody who is cool reads Love & Lunchmeat, plus you can read about her thoughts on procrastination and her real life near having a baby while she is walking in her blog Minivans weren’t built for that kind of speed.   This is a must read, I cannot say it enough!

Robotic Rhetoric:  I am certain this guy probably has more followers than allowed, but I am famous now and I can break the rules a little.

Miles Deacon’s Ramblings:  Again, I just found this guy, and he is really worth reading.  I don’t know how many followers this gentleman has, but it is not enough.  His poetry has this sneaky way of tugging on my heartstrings and he should be paid lots of money for it!!  One that will get you started laughing is his poem titled, “Another deeply sincere love poem.”

Scott Phillips is not on wordpress, but he should be followed if you’re into comics, vampires, the undead, KISS or other cult awesomeness. Check him out at

Ooamerica:  OOA’s USA Road Trip.  I like this one because I am jealous of what it is all about.  Freedom while travelling across the country and meeting people and just living. I honestly think this is the way my wife would like to live except include the world in the process.

So, there it is, I think this is awesome.  Before I sign off, I better thank my muse, my wife.  She has been victimized by me on multiple occasions and she has done it with grace and dignity!!!!  Whitney, keep saying goofy things and acting like you do, because I love you for it!!!!

  1. Thanks H.A.! You’re initials are ha; was that your parents way of making sure you got the last laugh? Hmmm.

    I’m totally loving each and every one of your posts here, and couldn’t me more honored. I think the last award I won was probably an elementary school spelling bee or something… Never mind that I suspect my husband begged you to give me this award, in exchange for having given birth in the hospital doorway….

    P.S. Whitney, don’t worry. You should be fine. My first two kids took way longer, and there was plenty of time to drive there, lie around in one of those awesome hospital gowns, and then give birth…

  2. haphillips says:

    You get this award because you rock! Your husband sounds like a good dude! HA…..Ha….I grew up in the era of the “where’s the beef commercials, and all of my horrible friends would use the near rhyme, “where’s the beef, Heath?” I used to cry to my mom, “why couldn’t you name me chad or jason??????” What a loser I was….

  3. Lisa says:

    Aww, this was an awesome post! I had everyone in my family read it. You are hilarious. I am so glad I’m following your blog! 🙂

  4. Baz says:

    Just followed Lisa and Lunchmeat… good tip man! You’re still my favorite blogger sir.

  5. Thanks for the award! You deserve it

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