Tonight, We Are Young

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Pregnant Wife Stories

We are always as young as the song playing on the radio makes us feel.  Music is everything.  Music is the soundtrack to my life; there are songs that play on the radio today, which were written decades ago, that hit me in my soul like it was the first time I heard them.  They are the songs that remind me of that one time with that one girl.  There are really great songs that suck so bad to listen to because they bring back that other time with that other girl…

There are songs that you wish were never written because the person really is “singing your life” with their words.  There are songs that can snap you out of the worst mood ever, for instance DeBarge’s “To the Beat of the Rhythm of the Night,” or Katrina and Waves’ magical rendition of “Walking on Sunshine.” 

“Tonight is gonna be a night like you’ve never known”……Tell me you don’t want to get out of your seat and shake what your momma gave you right now! 

“I used to think maybe I loved you, now baby I’m sure”…..Dude, I want to stand up, in my uniform, and full on rock out.  I want a flash mob of thousands of people dancing a dance I choreographed giving it everything they have like it was an anthem of a generation!

Then there are movie songs:

Driving home, today, you could hear “Run for the Shelter of Your Love,” and if you are not transported to a waterfall in Jamaica, where Elisabeth Shue and Tom Cruise are falling in love, you are just plain wrong.  “Watching every motion in my foolish lover’s game” echoes in your head, and boom, you’re a fighter pilot who is struggling to cope with the sudden and tragic death of your navigator, coupled with a budding love affair with Kelly Mcgillis.  (You have forgotten her name, but her call sign, is Charlie, and you once propositioned her in an Officer’s Club on Miramar Air Station by singing another song, “You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling”). 

I walk into a room where “Cruel Summer” is jamming on a ghetto blaster; I am immediately looking around to see if Johnny and his gang of thugs from Cobra Kai Dojo are going to confront me during a PE soccer game.  Consequently, this occurs just a day after “everyone was Kung-fu fighting” on the beach where Ali and Danielson first started their “Summer Lovin’.”

Then there are songs of anguish:

I hear “End of the Road,” and I am standing in a gym—turned dance floor wishing with all my might that some girl would have pity on my poor ginger soul… such luck.  I roll my windows up in my car, and I can feel the sinking depression set in just like I was standing there watching the girls select their dance partner.  “Love Hurts;” it hurts something awful.

“Because I love you,” by Stevie B and I am back in a skating rink during an all-skate in Idaho Falls, Idaho skating with a girl named Rebecca Weeks.  We held hands.  I had never touched a girl until that day.  That was the day I realized just how much my hands sweat…..I then followed her home on my bike and we broke up—I thought we had an “Endless Love.” Alas.

Or, what about songs where you actually think to yourself,

“I wish I could go and sing this to her face!  See how she’ll like that.  What?  You didn’t see that coming did ya?”  You know, you walk up to this person and you immediately break out in perfect pitch, “Does she speak eloquently / And would she have your baby? / I’m sure she’d make a really excellent mother…..” and then you walk off.  And in this moment, all is right in the world, because he is crushed.  He is left standing there completely repentant because you sang yelled at him, but you stop and turn around and shout, “You oughta know,” because the song is so damned good.

This is why music is awesome, because it is everything you ever need to get through any emotion you may be feeling at anytime.  When “Love is a Battlefield,” you got a song to “lift you up where you belong.”  When you feel like you need to “rock and roll all night,” there is a song for you.  “You feel like making love,” then, “let’s get it on.”

I just wanted you to know, because I have been holding this in for years. 


  1. Steve Blackwell says:

    I never lost that loving feeling, but you did remind me of all the good times with music! Very inspiring bro!!!

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